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    Welcome Goonies.nsd as our new Tech Guru / Moderator!

    From time to time, the staff at Outlawed Offroad bring in a member to a staff position to help the site progress. This may be in the form of a Moderator, Specific Task Assignment (social media, tech, events, etc.), or any other position the site needs for day to day operations or to help us grow. We bring in people with references and generally speaking nominated by staff members already in place. We also will bring in staff members from applications (like the current Social Media position) if we do not internally have a plan on who to bring in for a spot. We appreciate the time and dedication of everyone in the community but realize that not all applicants can be accepted. Luckily we have a lot of qualified people lurking about the forums that want to help OO be the best in the Northeast!

    Let's welcome Goonies.nsd as a Moderator of the Tech Sections and our general "Tech Guru"

    John has been dedicated to the site from the onset. Many of you know him from the local scene and through his work at Planet Automotive and have had work done by him on your rigs. He's knowledgeable, dedicated to the OO cause, and is an approachable person constantly offering advice and tips throughout the Tech Sections of the site here.

    So we asked him to join as our Tech Guru and Tech Section mod and he graciously accepted the task. With his background and knowledge we are going to have more ability to grow out the Tech Sections of the site and build upon what the entire community has already started in regards to articles, diy guides, etc..

    Everyone take a moment to welcome John into the fold here at OO!


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    Congrats John!!
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    That is awesome to hear! Congrats John!

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    Thanks guys. Hope i earn my keep LOL.


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